We’ve got our hands on invitations to one of the most coveted events this fall and we want you to be our special guests for two days in Bavaria (19th - 20th September 2017)*.

Skip the year-long waiting list and a hefty 8000 € per night table cost, and let Glize pick up the tab. Exclusive Oktoberfest tent access including all food and drinks plus the flight tickets** and hotel stays are at stake for our top performing Direct Publishers***.

We have one event access ticket to give away for each of the four categories: Best Leadgen, Best Total Revenue (without IT), Best Overall Revenue, Best Financial Vertical. Depending on the achieved revenue, the winner in each category can additionally win the flight and hotel.

Reach at least 10,000 € Leadgen payout and the hotel stay is yours, in addition to the event ticket. Go up to 20,000 € and you’re all set for an all expense included trip (access ticket/flight/hotel).

If Finance is your thing, we’re ready to cover your hotel if you reach minimum 10,000 €, but get to 20,000 € and the flight tickets are yours.

If you’re a big spender and can achieve 15,000 € even without Italian traffic, we’ve got your back with accommodations. Go further up to 30,000 € and we throw in the flights to Munich as well.

And last but not least, if you’re into anything and everything, we’ve got your hotel covered, should you reach 30,000 € overall revenue. Go up a notch to 50,000 € :) and you’re our special guest with the entire trip covered (access ticket/flight/hotel).

If you’re as excited as we are, you’ve got from July 19th - September 1st**** to monetize like crazy and score a lot of free beer as well!


*Event participation dates are fixed to 19th - 20th September 2017
**Flight costs are covered up to 500 €
***Only Direct Affiliates and Media Buyers, no network will enter the competition.
****Competition will close on September 1st, 12pm EET
*****In case of impossibility to attend, the winner for any category can hand-over the prize to another Direct Publisher (networks excluded)
*****No cash prize reimbursement will be possible.

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