What Happened @ The Bucharest Bash by Glize & Mr Romance

Glize signature events have already become a summer tradition over the last couple of years, and this season’s kick-off party was no exception.

The Bucharest Bash co-hosted with Mr Romance brought together an amazing crowd from the online and affiliate world, and we are downright flattered that so many of our partners traveled miles from overseas to join us.

Gerard himself left his sizzling Bangkok scene behind in favour of our European HQ, joining us for an evening medley of education, networking and socializing in Bucharest’s en vogue location: Nuba Summervibes.

Working smart is part of our performance mantra, so we took this chance to organize another affiliate workshop, held by a charismatic group of speakers.

Sharing their best tips of the trade were Patrick Dermak - Co-founder Adbaker, Hans Affolter - Business Development Manager of Twispay, Fabian Rossbacher - Founder of Barf-Alarm and William Soares of XCash.

After a chill meet & greet session where we reconnected with industry friends and made new acquaintances, Stefan & Gerard kicked off the workshop and gave the floor to Fabian Rossbacher, who shared from his experience in setting up a new online business.

Fabian went on to point out some of his constraints in establishing his new business model – limited investment budget, tight timeframe, no brand notoriety. In his efforts to overcome these impediments, he discovered that strategic Facebook Lead Ads proved especially prolific and he imparted his best practice and tricks with our audience.

The online payments and e-money processing side of online businesses was then addressed by Twispay’s Hans Affolter. His presentation was especially insightful for ecommerce aficionados, as it included essential advice for merchants looking to keep their chargeback ratios to a minimum.

Another evening highlight was Adbaker’s performance-oriented presentation focused on Facebook media buying. Patrick did a great job showcasing some of his company’s recommendations through specific case studies and successful campaigns.

The presentation sessions were wrapped up by our partner William from XCash, in charge of the #1 Dating Affiliate Program.  With some serious experience and insights into the online dating world, William took on a forever-hot topic and enlightened our audience on the latest trends in dating. 

Facts, figures, pie-charts and graphs then gave way to cold drinks and scintillating conversations as the networking took off and the beautiful people got to meet our bartenders ;) Needless to say there were a few selfies involved and Facebook profiles exchanged.

We continued the party with the fashionable crowd in Nuba until dawn, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out our Facebook Page to get an idea of the vibe. Don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends if you were there ;)


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