Gay Dating Offer With PPL - Exclusively from Glize

Our Dating portfolio just got upgraded with a new Glize-exclusive. 

And we’re not just only talking about a regular dating offer, this is a hidden gem that you won’t find anywhere else - a gay dating offer with PPL payout.

Planet Randy is the biggest online gay community in Germany, catering to the entire gay scene in the DACH region. It’s a safe place where like-minded people get to know each other in an authentic environment. Incidentally, Planet-Randy is also a great portal for those who may be planning to move soon, for example because they have found a job or are studying. It offers “Partnergrams” based on personal details and enables members to send and share gifts and reviews.

Offering multiple filtering options and so many user-centric features, Planet Randy was able to skip the mark of 100,000 members just months after its founding. 

The offer is cheap, effective and transparent. Because the creators of Planet-Randy attach great importance to a neat and up-to-date, always living portal, they verify user profiles for authenticity. That way you can be sure you are dealing with recurrent payments from actual users and real email addresses - a perfect scenario for long-term monetization.

The Glize Marketplace hosts this exclusive offer with a €3.20 PPL payout. 

Traffic quality is important to us, so we encourage you to reach out to your Glize Account Manager for your own private link to the offer.

Get your DACH dating traffic in gear and let’s make some money together with this rare-find!


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