How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Online Sports Betting

Competitive sports are ultimately numbers games so it should come as no surprise that sports betting lends itself beautifully to the type of mathematical analyses that let keen-eyed statisticians predict outcomes — maybe even exact scores — just by crunching a bunch of numbers.

But what happens when artificial intelligence algorithms are used to do what they do best — pick out patterns in data that human eyes typically can’t catch? Could these algorithms undermine the “house” and go so far as to turn sports betting on its head?

This was a challenge for Nextwin, the startup that ventured to redefine the future of the sports betting sector by fusing wisdom of the crowd concept with outstanding technologies to better predict the outcomes of sporting events.

It did that by launching a social betting network (web & mobile) for tipsters and sports passionate that give users the opportunity to:

  • Bet for fun on real events with no risk, using a virtual currency (nextcoin); 
  • Learn from the best bettors identified relying on statistical algorithms and improve real performance copying their strategies; 
  • Challenge with friends, share knowledge and get social visibility.

Drawing from this experience, the company decided to take things further and leverage big data and machine learning by turning it into collective intelligence and obtaining better results in terms of probability compared with individual decisions.

That’s how INVICTUS was established as the AI-based tool able to create alternative investment strategy leveraging on big data coming from sports events. INVICTUS is able to signal if on a particular event, in a specific moment, it is possible to obtain an advantage over the intrinsic probability defined by the odds makers.

It’s got the power to track the activities of more than 100,000 successful tipsters from all over the world in a more precisely way, in order to give you the opportunity to compare your bets only with the best ones and to see bets with an over 80% reliability.

And for the Glize Publishers that’s certainly no gamble! With accurate predictions secured and profits maximized, users will also be hooked by the product’s intuitive interface and superior customized experience. 

With targeted landing pages for English, Spanish and Italian speakers, affiliates are able to monetize across countless GEOs worldwide. Flexible payment plans (from 3 to 12 months) are available and CC-flow payouts are top-of-the-market to guarantee success.

If you want to capitalize on the first AI to predict the outcome of sporting events simply log into the Glize Marketplace and promote INVICTUS for up to 84€ PPS!


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