USD Accounts Available in the Glize Marketplace

One of the summer highlights for Glize was inaugurating the US Office in San Diego and launching our affiliate marketing program on the North American market. 

In our bid to drive performance in the American affiliate industry and accelerate our clients’ growth in the monetization of online traffic we have now introduced USD accounts for our management platform. 

Starting October 1st, our American partners have the option sign up for a Glize dollar account complete with USD currency offers, dashboards, reporting and tracking. You won’t need that currency converter any longer!

By using the new option Publishers will be able to select the base currency, generate statistics reports and export data in USD. The amount of available metrics in dollars will enable seamless business integration and provide additional insight into the marketing process.

There is immediate visibility. Offer performance is transparent and it facilitates real-time decisions based on verified, accurate data.

Just choose from any of our mainstream verticals and see the new option in action. Whether your traffic is fit for nutraceuticals, dating, e-commerce or lead generation, our Account Manager will be there to guide you towards the highest converting offers and scalable profits.

Sign up and take a look around!


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